5 Reasons to Shop at your Local Butcher

Customer: ‘Do you sell tenderiser’

Butcher: ‘Why mate?’

Customer: ‘Because the steak I buy from the supermarket is always tough’

Butcher: ‘Why don’t you just buy a fresh steak from a butcher’

Customer: ‘Because butchers are too expensive’

Butcher: ‘I bet I can sell you a piece of fresh, quality steak that you’ll be able to eat and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg’

Customer: ‘Ok, I’ll give it a try!’

Banksia Beach store
Banksia Beach store

Many people are under the misconception that butchers are more expensive than the supermarket. But supermarkets are selling prepackaged, shrink-wrapped, mass-produced meat.  And all that packaging costs money!

Let’s take a look at five reasons to shop at your local butcher.

Fresh Is Best

Meat Platter - $50
Meat Platter – $50

Don’t you remember Mum always saying that? It’s definitely the case with meat.  Butchers only buy-in as much meat to serve the demand thereby turning it over while it’s still fresh.  They source the best quality and will cut to your specifications right in front of you. Ditch the shrink-wrapped, supermarket meat for fresh meat from a butcher’s window. Even looking at the bloom of the meat in the butcher’s window shows you how fresh it is.  PLUS – all our meat is 100% Australian grown.

More Choice

People aren’t comparing quality.  Usually, the meat from your butcher is far superior to meat from the supermarket.  Also, the labelling in supermarkets can be misleading.  It seems cheaper at first glance but kilo for kilo, it really isn’t.

Supermarkets carry lots of lines and are limited in what they can stock.   But butchers can stock whatever YOU- the consumer – want.  Butchers offer a great selection of fresh meat and can source those ‘special’ cuts that may not be available all the time. They also take the time to choose seasonal products and make value-added items like Ready to Cook, Cooked and Ready to Eat meals.

Knowledge & Experience

When was the last time you could ask someone in the supermarket ‘what’s the best cut of meat for a slow-cooked lamb dish’ or what’s the best way to cook steak?   Butchers love a chat!  they love to share their love and knowledge of meat to help you get the best cut for what you’re cooking. Perhaps you’ve been watching Masterchef and are dying to try one of the dishes?  Call into your local butcher and have a chat. If the cut of meat the dish requires works out too expensive, they can quite often offer a cheaper alternative. Don’t be afraid to ask…butcher’s love to show off what they know.

Josdale Rib Fillet in pan
Josdale Rib Fillet in pan

Customer Service

Butcher’s love to see customers return and tell them how what they recommended turned out.  Small independent butchers can’t compete with the large chains so they go above and beyond to offer excellent customer service and build a relationship.  We love to hear ‘my friend recommended you and we can’t wait to try it’ and ‘I was at a friend’s house for a BBQ and had the most amazing smoked rib’ so now my husband wants to give it a go’.  Recommendations, reviews and referrals are a butcher’s best opportunity to show off their products and knowledge. So…ask the butcher.

Supporting Your Local Community

Small businesses are asked regularly for donations and sponsorship – and we love to help out!  A great reason to shop at your local butcher is to keep money circulating in your community and give small businesses the opportunity to give back.  Employing locals and supporting local community events.

Of course there are many more reasons to shop at your local butcher – and isn’t your family worth it?

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